Aligner Therapy in Frankfurt: Cost, Treatment, Where to Start?

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The importance of a healthy smile can’t be ignored. The appropriate alignment of teeth is not only vital for a beautiful smile but also helps in the maintenance of oral hygiene for aligner therapy in Frankfurt.

If the teeth are perfectly aligned, it would be easier to brush and floss. It would then be easier for an individual to mitigate the risk of bacteria and tooth decay. Aligner therapy in Frankfurt comes with a lot of options as they stress a lot over the importance of dental care.

However, there are several solutions available in the field of orthodontics to resolve the issue of misalignment but the most common among all of them is clear aligner therapy.

Let’s begin with the foremost question about what aligner therapy is? It is part of dentistry in which it helps you to align your teeth in case of any misalignments.

It comprises invisible supports which can be changed after some time. The doctor analyzes the situation of the patient’s teeth with the help of a 3D scan and then plans how the aligner therapy should be carried out for that particular case.

The aligner therapy in Frankfurt can also be called Invisalign. It won’t be wrong to call this therapy as an alternative to the metal braces that we have been using over traditionally.

Aligner Therapy in FrankfurtThis therapy involves the use of transparent customized plastic aligners. These aligners help the dentist Frankfurt in the gradual shifting of the teeth for the treatment of the misalignment.

These aligners are designed as per the patient’s specific needs. They are very convenient to use, can be removed easily, and will not be observed by any other person due to their invisible material.

The cost for aligner therapy in Frankfurt will vary as per your case. It further involves the number of months the treatment will be carried on for. The price ranges from 25 Euro per month to 55 Euro per month depending upon the severity of the misalignment.

The aligner therapy has been quite popular in comparison to the braces. These are removable and unnoticeable whereas the metal ones were not detachable and were visible because of the metal involved.

The treatment starts with the booking of the initial appointment with an orthodontist. They examine your jaw structure and then with the help of x-rays, digital scans, and photographs. Furthermore, the situation is then discussed with the patient regarding the options available and the costs involved.

Once, the plan has been properly discussed with the patient the aligners will be designed. These aligners will be changed regularly after every two to three weeks. This change will aid in the alignment of the teeth.

This procedure is non-surgical and doesn’t require the use of anesthesia. The ultimate objective of this entire process is to aid the patient has perfectly aligned teeth from top to bottom and the healthy bite this procedure will result to.

How many aligners will be used depends upon the severity of the plan. Some level of discomfort will be experienced by the patient when the aligners are initially placed over the teeth. The duration for keeping on the aligners varies from ten to twenty-four months based on how much alignment is required.

During the time the aligners are put on, it is required to avoid hot drinks as it can lead to deformation of the aligners. Moreover, high sugar content items must also not be consumed as it can cause bacteria or staining of the aligners. The best advice is to remove the aligners each time you plan to eat something.

Clear aligners have transformed the delivery of orthodontic care since their introduction more than two decades ago. This innovative method of care, which is gaining popularity, provides many patients with a more discrete, comfortable, and convenient solution for improving the alignment of their smiles.

Aligner therapy in Frankfurt is common among adults as well as children. They believe that early intervention into dental care is important as at that time children have a combination of both permanent and temporary teeth.

By utilizing the aligner therapy to their best advantage, orthodontists can plan to align their permanent teeth first. This will provide the path to the temporary teeth coming from behind into repositioning them as per the position of the permanent teeth.

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