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English Speaking Dentists in Frankfurt am Main Nordend

Dentist Frankfurt

Frankfurt is home to a large number of people from hundreds of countries across the globe. Frankfurt is a melting point of cultural backgrounds and diverse identities. So it is natural that residents in and around Frankfurt am Main Nordend will require English speaking Dentist Frankfurt too.

Best English Speaking Dentists Near You

With growing number of people moving in and moving out of top cities across the globe, there are increasing demand for English speaking people in companies and other fields of workforce. So is the case in Frankfurt am Main as people from across the globe have made the city to their temporary or permanent residence.

And when these expats have a dental problem, they get worried for one or many reasons,

  1. How to find a good holistic dental specialist
  2. A doctor who speaks good English
  3. A dental care center that has an extremely knowledgeable team
  4. A team that is well versed with highest standards in modern medicine and latest treatments
  5. A dental clinic with a welcoming atmosphere to patients
  6. A place to trust for recommendations and treatments
  7. And a practice that offers convenience as after work hours

If you are having similar requirements, your are welcome to consult  Dr. H. Hakimi and Dr. D. Anastasiu ’s specialist dental practice in Nordend . This is one of the best dental clinics in Frankfurt of the 80 odd clinics in this region.

You can book appointment and ask questions about:

  1. Treatments, procedures or costs
  2. Get a personal consultation appointment
  3. Individual examination of the patient’s mouth
  4. Easily accessible public and private transportation routes
  5. Questions about orthodontic care of children, teenagers and adults
  6. Other diagnostic and dental advisory services
  7. Clarifications regarding trust, transparency and respect

This holds good for local residents of Frankfurt am Main too, if you are looking for “Zahnärzte or English-speaking dentist in Frankfurt am Main then here are the details:

Dr. Hamed Hakimi  and Dr. Dana Anastasiu

Dental Association,

Oeder Weg 52-54,

60318 Frankfurt, Germany

Contact: 069-5978282

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Seit etlichen Monaten sind die SARS-CoV-2-Infektionszahlen wieder stark angestiegen. Zahnärztinnen und Zahnärzte und ihre Praxisteams stehen nach wie vor in der Krisensituation vor enormen Herausforderungen. Wie von Beginn der Krise an ist es das primäre Ziel der Vertragszahnärzteschaft, die zahnärztliche Versorgung aller Patientinnen und Patienten bei maximalem Infektionsschutz aufrechtzuerhalten und das Infektionsrisiko in den Praxen zu minimieren. Das zahnärztliche Versorgungssystem hat dabei seine Verlässlichkeit und Belastbarkeit bereits unter Beweis gestellt. Die WHO und alle Dachorganisationen in der Zahnmedizin haben empfohlen, die zahnmedizinische Grundversorgung weiterhin aufrecht zu erhalten. Das Infektionsriskio in unserer Praxis wird durch den Aufwand in der Hygiene und Desinfektion weiter minimiert. Wir werden weiterhin keine Mühe scheuen, um unseren Betrieb weiterhin aufrecht zu erhalten. Ihr Praxisteam, Zahnarzt Frankfurt
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