How to Get Your Smile Back In 4-6 Weeks

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As we grow up, we tend to have a lot on our plates and thus we start taking less care of ourselves. From attending regular college and its assignments to part-time or freelance work to follow our passions and dreams.

It’s normal to do numerous things in a day but that shouldn’t make you compromise your self-care time. Generally, we only focus on our appearance and attire but we tend to focus on the most important thing, which is our teeth.

Our smile speaks more about us than our attire could do. Thus, if you haven’t been paying attention to your teeth lately. Consider this article a life savior for you to bring back your smile in weeks.

There are numerous dentists who don’t only offer services but also ensure their patients‘ comfort. For instance, there is been a word going around that Dentist Frankfurt have amazing customer service and exclusive offers.

Therefore, make sure you do your research and find a dentist that can understand your problem and have amazing offers.

If you have got less time, you can consider getting done the following oral methods.

  1. Teeth whitening

If your teeth have become dull, yellow, and stained by time which makes you feel and look aged, and less attractive. The finest solution to fix this is teeth whitening!

Teeth whitening is an affordable, non-invasive, and safe process. If you feel puzzled about the whole process, you must seek out a professional out there to consult and get the answer to your queries.

Additionally, it removes deep stains and discolouration to ensure your bright and white smile never fades away. Also, the most interesting thing is that dentists can customize to your desired shade of white.

  1. Dental bonding

One of the major problems we face over time is chips, gaps and discolouration. With all these, our gaps make the teeth look irregular. Thus you can get it all perfect in a single visit with Cosmetic bonding which can easily hide smile imperfections.

Bonding is mostly about tooth-coloured material that is attached to your teeth, shaped, and polished. When the process is complete, it seamlessly blends with your altered tooth.

It’s an alternative to veneers as it requires minimal to zero modification to the teeth and it isn’t expensive!

Just like everything needs to be taken care of to last longer, these bonding can for 10 years without any replacement, but only if it’s properly taken care of. In short, it can be a worthwhile investment.

  1. Gum contouring

Got a gummy smile? Or a nonsymmetrical gum line?

You can get your excess gum tissues without any surgery by gum contouring, which can be performed on single or multiple teeth.

If you don’t want to get it done with a scalpel, you must search for a dentist who provides laser dentistry!

Dental lasers shape your gums smoothly and reduce pain and take less recovery time. Moreover, gum contouring can only be done in one appointment and voila! You will get your smile back. It is less expensive in comparison with other cosmetic treatments.

  1. Crowns

If you have got is severely damaged or decayed tooth, a crown can be your finest option especially when its alternative is tooth extraction.

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap and is placed over the existing tooth. It improves the tooth’s strength and function along with enhancing your smile’s appearance!

Moreover, crowns can be customized to look and feel like a natural tooth. Often, crowns last for around 5 to 15 years, but it depends on the material and how properly you have taken care of it.

  1. Tooth-coloured fillings

If you only need a filling or want to replace an existing one, you must go for composite fillings. This kind of filling is more durable and safer than traditional conventional fillings. As they are tightly bonded to the tooth and don’t expand or contract with any temperatures.

Plus, these fillings seamlessly blend with your smile.


All these procedures can be performed in a single visit and they aren’t even expensive. Give yourself a treat by getting back your white and bright smile. If you are a resident of Germany, you must visit a dentist in Frankfurt.

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