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What you may have already heard from your pediatrician, we also confirm:

Even the very young should go to the dentist regularly, so that they themselves and you as parents learn early on how to take care of their teeth.

With a lot of patience and little tricks, we playfully create a positive association at your visit to the dentist for your child in an early age.

We recommend that you visit with your baby after the first year of life. Even if no teeth are visible yet, we will show you how to massage and palpate the edentulous jaw with individual finger toothbrushes.

Dental Bridge

In the accompanying picture, you can see which teeth erupt and when.

Even if the milk teeth are later replaced by permanent teeth, it is extremely important to optimize oral hygiene right from the start. A healthy primary dentition is fundamental for a healthy permanent dentition & Veneers in Frankfurt

The change of teeth is imminent for your child between the ages of five and seven. The milk teeth start to wiggle and fall out. A permanent molar grows behind the last milk tooth. Because this usually grows out in the sixth year of life, it is also called the 6-year molar. You have to pay special attention to this one, because it is usually the first tooth that needs to be treated in adulthood.

At this age of your child, your health insurance will cover the individual prophylaxis every six months. Here, the teeth are stained in order to be able to record a plaque status. In this way, we can see Dental Bridge exactly where the teeth have not been brushed ideally and then carry out individual tooth brushing training. If tartar has already formed, we gently remove it with our ultrasonic device. We will then explain to you and your child how oral diseases such as caries or gingivitis develop and, above all, how they can be prevented. Nutrition also plays a huge role here. We recommend suitable fluoridation agents for enamel hardening and fluoridate your child’s teeth locally with a special varnish or gel at the dental office.

Zahnarzt Frankfurt also recommend Dental Bridge, sealing caries-free fissures and pits of the permanent molars (the two back teeth) with light-curing composites. Otherwise, caries often develop here, as bacteria can attach themselves particularly well.

Your child’s dentition is not only examined for caries, but also considered as a whole. Sometimes individual permanent teeth are not in place at all, which can result in gaps later on that can be closed in cooperation with the orthodontist so that the remaining teeth have enough space. Loose braces also facilitate later orthodontic treatments with fixed braces during puberty. This way we maintain optimal interlocking and aesthetics.

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