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A brilliant smile is the best business card. Healthy teeth are more than just an attractive feature of the human face. They can be decisive for your success, in communication with people, and for the lasting impression you leave on people.

To keep your brilliant smile we offer professional tooth-cleaning: an atraumatic procedure that removes all discoloration and plaque – much more effectively than at home. Regular professional tooth-cleaning is also important in preventing dental diseases.

The dream of white teeth can become reality with effective and gentle tooth-bleaching. Unattractive interdental spaces and tooth surfaces can be made more attractive with extremely thin ceramic coatings, known as veneers.
There are even aesthetic solutions which are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth for fillings or crowns today.

We rely on our own experienced dental technicians.
We have our own inhouse-dental-laboratory where quality and reliability can be guaranteed. Together with our dental technicians we evaluate your individual dental situation and develop the ideal procedure.

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