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basics of implantologie

Basics of Implantology

Implantology is a major focus of our dental practice in Frankfurt Nordend Zahnarzt Frankfurt.

In the following we would like to explain in more detail which procedure is used in our practice so that you can get a better idea of an „implantation“ and take a look behind the scenes.

If a tooth has already been lost for several years, the jawbone degenerates due to the lack of load in this area of the jaw and progressively decreases in width and height. So there is not always enough bone substance to anchor an implant firmly in the jaw and to guarantee long-lasting dentures on it. Especially in such cases special measures must be taken in advance. These are called bone augmentation.

Depending on the situation, this augmentation can take place either a few months before the implantation or at the same time as the implant is inserted into the bone tissue.

In our practice we only use bone replacement material (granules and bone plates) from renowned European manufacturers. We always combine these with your own bone from the surgical area to ensure optimal conditions for the integration of the bone graft substitute (KEM) into your own tissue. This is another special feature of our procedure that helps to integrate the KEM into your tissue. We treat the wound with endogenous plasma membranes, which we produce from the patient’s blood by centrifugation (A-PRF method). The growth factors and fibrin platelets contained in these membranes promote and accelerate wound healing and help to generate a long-term stable implant surrounding bone level. You will only notice a small pinch in the crook of your arm.

implantologyShould a tooth fracture unfavorably or needs to be removed unexpectedly, especially in the anterior region, our implant surgeon Dr. Hakimi can do an immediate implant placement.

A suitable implant can be placed in the same tooth removal session if your bone level is sufficiently stable. Both the radiological (the x-ray) and clinical findings (the situation in the mouth) are decisive for this.

First the tooth is removed very gently and then an implant is inserted directly into the empty bone compartment and the wound is sutured.

Again, not all bone is the same!

If the alveolar ridge is narrow, special instruments can be used to spread the bone (so-called bone spreading/splitting) in order to gain more space, or the bone can be condensed if the bone structure is too „soft“ (so-called bone condensing). Of course, due to the local anesthesia, the patient hardly notices this and is painless.

The so-called Socket-Shield Technique, where part of the tooth is left in place, can also achieve a particularly harmonious result in the aesthetic area of the front teeth. By leaving a narrow part of the tooth and thus also its periodontal socket ligaments with which a tooth is anchored in the bone, the remodeling changes of the bone after implantation are less pronounced. As a result, there is no loss of the gingival profile in the direction of the lip.  This allows us to achieve particularly nature-identical results and our patients enjoy an almost unchanged appearance despite tooth loss.

All these techniques support an optimal anchorage of the implant in the bone and guarantee the long-term success of the implantation. As a rule, implants remain in the jaw for a lifetime with optimal care. Of course, in the esthetic area we make a temporary restoration if possible, so that you do not have to leave our practice with a gap in your teeth after the procedure.

After a healing phase, usually lasting three months, the so-called „uncover“ takes place, in which we expose the implant located under the mucous membrane through a small incision and then insert a cap to shape its mucous membrane. Naturally, this is done under a small local anesthesia. A few days later, the implant(s) can then be restored with laboratory-fabricated dentures such as crowns, bridges or removable telescopic works.

For this purpose we offer you another advantage in our practice, as we no longer take unpleasant impressions. Using a portable 3D scanner (Trios 3 Shape), we take a digital impression of your oral situation and send this data to a laboratory cooperating with us, which usually returns your dental prosthesis to us a week later. Of course, we coordinate tooth color and shape with you in advance according to your individual wishes and have the possibility to make corrections and changes in our own in-house laboratory.

In the following years, we guide you through regular follow-up care so that your healthy smile can shine in the long run.

If you would like to receive further information or get a second opinion, you can of course arrange a free appointment for an individual consultation. We will be happy to explain the exact procedure in your case and explain all aspects of the planned procedure and possible risks. You are welcome to use our online appointment service (doctolib), with which you can arrange an appointment from the comfort of your home, even outside of our office hours.

For even more information you can visit our website www.nordend-zahnarzt.de

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Folgendes sollten Sie für Ihre ZAHNÄSTHETIK tun

 „Das Leben ist kurz, also lächle solange du noch Zähne hast!“

Damit Ihnen dieses Szenario eines Lückengebisses oder gar zahnlosen Kiefers erspart bleibt, möchten wir, die Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Hakimi und Kollegen, dafür sorgen, dass Ihnen Ihr strahlendes gesundes Lächeln auch noch im Alter erhalten bleibt.

Ihr Zahnarzt in Frankfurt: Zahnästhetik Unsere Praxis liegt zentral gelegen, im angesagten Oeder Weg, unweit vom Eschenheimer Tor Frankfurts entfernt und mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln optimal zu erreichen. Hier begrüßt Sie unser freundliches Team und unsere beiden Zahnärzte Dr. Hamed Hakimi und Julia Liebers. Sie kümmern sich gemeinsam einfühlsam und stets mit einem offenen Ohr für Ihre individuellen Wünsche und Bedürfnisse um Ihre Zahngesundheit. Im Folgenden lesen Sie einen Beitrag über unseren Praxisalltag und unsere Behandlungsmethoden.

Von Beginn an betreuen wir unsere jüngsten Patienten und Patientinnen, unterstützen sie durch Individualprophylaxe, regelmäßige Kontrollen und minimalinvasivem Vorgehen, sollte doch mal ein Loch entstanden sein.

Of course, we are also the point of contact for all other age groups and in all areas of dental, oral and maxillofacial medicine and are passionate about holistic dentistry. Regardless of whether it is aesthetic filling therapy , endodontics , prosthetic restorations using veneers, inlays or crowns, as well as fixed and removable dentures . Implantations and surgical interventions are also part of our daily tasks. In addition, we perform both tooth whitening and orthodontic splint therapyin our practice. We treat them from A to Z and always hand in hand with the latest technology and of course in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines.

DENTAL AESTHETICS Since careful and precise work is our top priority, we only work with magnifying glasses. This is especially essential for root canal treatments , as it is a matter of precision work and after we process the root canals with electromechanical machines and fill them with thermoplastics, we have the highest demands on accuracy and quality. In addition, we protect our patients during diagnostics using radiation-reduced digital X-rays .

Our core competence, however, lies in the oral surgery of our surgeon Mr. Hakimi, who has successfully completed a specialization in the field of implantology and has proven his expertise at renowned international universities. Through the routine work, he guides you through the treatment stress-free, in which we focus our full attention on our patient as a whole. Through acupuncture we support the painless implantation so that you can let yourself go during treatment and following are fully operational again.

Every move is perfect thanks to the outpatient interventions that are carried out several times a week . Due to the constant further training of our specialists in combination with the most modern technology under an absolutely sterile procedure, there is hardly a condition that cannot be successfully treated in our practice.

But we are also happy to advise you in all other areas and take the time you need. For us, the focus is on people as a whole. With a lot of patience and care, we want to achieve our goals with you in the best possible way through a feel-good atmosphere and without mass processing. Of course, maintaining your dental health comes first.

Also anxious patients are always welcome, as we plan for this particular time and our colleague dentist Julia Liebers particularly sensitive and gentle care of this. Of course, we also strive for an absolutely painless treatment and a trusting cooperation during your stay in our practice.

We hope that with this article we have given you a little insight into our everyday practice and that the entire team of Dr. Hakimi and colleagues look forward to welcoming you to our practice soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your DENTAL AESTHETICS!

We can be reached by phone at 069-5978282.

You can also send us an email to info@nordend-zahnarzt.de .

3D SCANNER Explained

„Smiling is the most elegant way to show your teeth to your opponents!“

With our aligner 3D scanner therapy, nothing stands in the way of your most beautiful and straight smile.

But what exactly does aligner therapy mean, and why is this treatment method enjoying ever-increasing popularity?

In the following article, we will give you an overview of the therapy performed in our practice to straighten misaligned teeth.

By means of millimeter-thin plastic splints, your teeth are straightened over several months and brought into the desired position.

How does the therapy work?

First of all, your oral situation will be thoroughly examined in a first appointment, a dental status will be determined and, if necessary, X-rays will be taken. This is important to exclude periodontal diseases, to plan carefully and to ensure a long-term stable result.

Afterwards, we will discuss your wishes, ideas and expectations and clarify the duration of the therapy (6-18 months) as well as the necessary cooperation, such as a consistent wearing time of 12-14 hours per day.

3D scannerIn principle, most movements of the teeth can be carried out with the help of the splints. Thus, crowding and gaps in the anterior region can be treated, as well as individual teeth can be rotated, tilted or even ex- or intruded (optically lengthened or shortened). However, there are also limits to the splints, as they cannot replace orthodontic therapy using fixed brackets or dignathic appliances.

We then digitally shape your teeth using a 3D scanner, and digitally realize the joint planning with a dental laboratory that cooperates with us.

In a next appointment we will show you the treatment result on the computer after the therapy has been carried out, we will discuss with you the duration of the therapy determined by the number of splints to be worn and of course we will inform you about the treatment costs. Of course, there are no costs for consultation and planning beforehand.

If you decide to undergo the therapy, it is often necessary to apply so-called attachments to the teeth. These are made of tooth-colored composites and are about 2 to 3 mm in size and therefore almost invisible. They help to organize the movements of your teeth by splints in an optimal way and act as force transmission points for eg rotation and thrust forces.

The splints themselves are made of transparent plastic, wafer-thin and also barely visible. You will then wear these splints for about 14 days at a time. In the first few days of each new splint, you may experience a slight feeling of tension, but this is so slight that it does not affect the necessary wearing time. 3D scanner is especially important for an optimal result that the splints are only taken out for eating and brushing your teeth.

After a few weeks, it may be necessary to perform a so-called proximal enamel reduction to ensure optimal space conditions for the new tooth position. Of course, this is also painless, as we perform it under local anesthesia for particularly sensitive patients.

We accompany you during the treatment and take care of a long-term stable result by fixing a retainer after the end of the therapy. Our goal is, of course, to ensure that your teeth remain straight and healthy in the future, so that you will be happy to show off your radiant smile.

Smile design and aligner therapy at the dental practice, dentist Frankfurt

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 069-5978282

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